The Yeah Yeah Yeahs

I was on the treadmill a few weeks ago, doing my usual walk/ run, panting, finger poised above the reduce speed button. Then there it was an electronic sound that caught my ear, propelling my endurance and adrenaline past my norm. I look up a woman with bangs, bearing bubbles sleeves shouts “Off Off Off with their heads.” Surely, Karen O had finally caught my attention.

How late am I? Very. Yes, I haven’t been up on the Yeah Yeah Yeahs music since they debuted back in the day. I only admired Karen O’s sense of style from afar never really giving their music a chance, but how much does that really matter?

I finally got my hands on It’s Blitz (2009), for my first YYYs listening experience, and its inching its way to my top finds of 2009. Ms O’s chameleon like voice switching from dreamy to urgent with the changing mood of each track. Transcending all comparisons, you have to hear it for yourself. Thank me later.


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