VV Brown

When I caught my first glimpse of VV Brown, I thought her style was cool, but redundant…sorry kids but you wouldn’t be the first to do the whole 50s guys & dolls thing. Anyways, I heard “Crying Blood,” and I still found it easy to ignore VV’s steelo, writing her off as a watered down black Amy Winehouse/Duffy hybrid. However, with “Game Over,” Ms. Brown has finally captured my attention. Holding tight to her integrity with her signature pin-up girl bang, VV has graduated past the one string guitar (not kidding) sound of her first single. Not only is the production more refined, it looks like the Brit starlet dipped a tentative toe in a some couture, heightening the already buzzing hype surrounding Ms. Brown. Lesson learned? Judge not a book by its cover.

VV gives me more of a reason to like her with the recent launch of her online vintage boutique VV Vintage (Featured jumpsuit pictured right.) Can’t help but admire her business sense.

Hustle, hustle, hustle, a recession is no climate for a siesta. xo


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