Yoga To The People

At the top of many New Year’s resolutions drafts will be the ubiquitous “Get Healthier” goal. The goal we pursue with fervor as soon as that clock strikes 12 on the 1st of January. I am here, not to condemn your efforts, but to support them. I too set these goal, picturing a bikini bod sculpted by Michelangelo himself.

Well, I may not have the elixir holding your key to fitness salvation, but I recently discovered NY’s Yoga To The People. YTTP believes in making Yoga available to all, only requiring a donation (yes they accept a little as a quarter). I’ve gone twice, including last night, and each time the deep breathing, glowing candlelight, and peaceful soundtrack (I heard Lauren Hill last night!) gives me a much needed reset button. Their mission statement says it all. Enjoy Yoga To the People.


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