Happy 2010 Marrakesh Style!

New Year’s Eve. The night that marks the climax of the outgoing year. Champagne bottles pop, the ball drops, a new beginning is granted to all who welcome in the fresh new year. The plans for the big night are grand, club reservations made weeks in advance, grandiose parties are planned…or you could just do what I did. They say who you bring the New Year’s in with is who you spend the year with, so I decided to put together a VERY intimate dinner of 5. Ushering in the New Year quietly with my NY family, and some amazing food. Thanks for the idea GQ. You don’t have to wait for NYE to throw down in the kitchen…here’s how:

Spiced Tomato Spread: This is an aromatic, and damn good Tomato spread, served better warm. I paired this with pieces of multi grain bread, but would work with pita, or on any kind of meat, actually.

Vegetarian Tagine: This Moroccan vegetable stew, is really quick to make just chopping the veggies gets tedious, but that’s when you get a friend to act as a prep chef. You can make adjustments on the spices depending on how spicy you want it. I also threw in half a cup of raisins to sweeten the pot…hahah.

Spiced Lamb Skewers: Best results if you marinate this overnight. Instead of using regular skewers, I put holes thought the pieces of lamb and use rosemary sticks as skewers. Delicioso!

Spiced Couscous: This worked as a side dish tying in the flavors of the stew and the lamb, I didn’t put in the cashews, and replaced the currants with raisins, and used a vegetable stock instead of chicken stock; I feel like chicken stock just overpowers the other flavors, and makes it kind of gross.

The End Result

Dessert: I handed this one over to my roomie, I’m not too big on the baking.

Moroccan Moist Cake: One word: Crack!

Drank: Roiboos Tea infused gin, with pomegranate jam, agave nectar, habaneiro peppers, and a couple splashes of Prosecco.

Fill up my cup!

Happy New Year!


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