The New World of Publishing

Since the internet boom pissed all over the world of print, the publishing world has been pulling its hair out trying to figure out a solution for getting back those advertising dollars. A possible answer some are speculating over is an interactive magazine experience. Gone would be the days of paper, welcoming in an age of downloadable interactive publications. Above is a demo for what the new magazine format for Sports Illustrated would look like. In essence this sound pretty cool, but what happens to those who collect magazines, or like to cut out images. In an effort to slow the extinction of the magazine dinosaur, would publications lose what’s left of its dwindling readership?


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One Response to “The New World of Publishing”

  1. Samantha Says:

    I think we have quite a while before print media is completely gone! Mainly because of price point. I do believe eventually it will be gone! what do us print folk do in times like this? Evolve with the times! ha! Great post Nos!

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