Just In Case

Today I stumbled across a post about the perception of women handling the condom situation, by bringing their own supply. This eventually led to my discovery of Just In Case, a company that makes these super cute compacts, for chicks to store their stash inconspicuously. The compacts come blinged out (above), in black, pastels, reds, or metallics.

I’m all for women protecting their health, and not relying on the dude to do it for them. However, some people think a woman who comes prepared is what we call a “working girl”. Really curious to hear your thoughts…leave one!

*Update: Just In Case founders would like to offer a discount to you guys. Just type in code LOVEWELL at check out.


2 Responses to “Just In Case”

  1. Marsha Bartenetti Says:

    Thanks so much for the great support of JUST IN CASE! – my daughter and I are proud Founders/Owners of JIC and have created our product to empower women to make smart choices when it comes to sexual health. – and why not in a beautifully chic and discreet way!
    Engaging in unprotected sex is like playing a game of Russian Roulette – the statistic bear this truth…so we all need to wake up about past judgments start to
    Love well. Love wisely.
    I would like to offer your readers a discount code for a JIC compact.
    Enter LOVEWELL as you check out!

  2. PlainGirlsTalk Says:

    Every girl – working or not – should have one! Good Work!

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