So I spent a very intense weekend at Columbia University, covering the African Economic Forum…go ahead an laugh! It was such an inspiring event, and I felt like everyone in the room was about to run home and purchase one way tickets back home. Yeah, it was that good. Other than meeting a ton of great people, I ran into James Branson who introduced me to Of Rags. Check out the hoodie above you know you wants in. Below is more info on the fair-trade company. Fashion for a cause…me likey!

Two young designers, RAAM, a Ghanaian, and J. Branson, an American,
founded Of Rags in 2009 with the idea of making clothing that makes a difference.

Not only is each item from Of Rags a unique work of art handmade in fair trade conditions; in addition, 40% of the profits benefit The Of Rags Foundation, a non-profit organization and tool for the sustainable development of public health and education initiatives.
The Foundation is currently partnered with a school for children with special educational needs in Accra, Ghana in order to establish a much needed scholarship program.

Of Rags is the product of globalization.
Of Rags aims to globalize the localized. Of Rags’ clothing is art.
Of Rags’ mission is hope. But most of all, Of Rags is what you make of it.


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