Tiger Woods Nike Ad

Tiger returned to golf today, but not before Nike, his most loyal sponsor aired this commercial. The voice heard here is that of Tiger’s late father, inquiring into Tiger’s decision making process. Personally I think this is brilliant. The company acknowledges the scandal, however they are showing Tiger in a conversation with his dad, or what could be considered conscience. In my opinion, it seems to speak to the fact that in sports or in our every day lives, when its over and the lights go out, the only person left to answer to is the voice of our conscience. I hope Tiger kicks ass on the green today. What do you think?


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One Response to “Tiger Woods Nike Ad”

  1. sasoc Says:

    Here’s what I think http://wp.me/pMW8w-cw and it’s quite clear that he obviously has no remorse given his shameless promotion of his recovery in commercial venues. Someone with even a modicum of shame would not utilize old footage of his now deceased father for the purpose of selling Nike products. I do not disagree that the ad has power. However, we should not allow ourselves to be conned by the con man. Doing so would turn us into his new abused spouse (I guess one is not enough for this guy).

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