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March 31, 2010

So I spent a very intense weekend at Columbia University, covering the African Economic Forum…go ahead an laugh! It was such an inspiring event, and I felt like everyone in the room was about to run home and purchase one way tickets back home. Yeah, it was that good. Other than meeting a ton of great people, I ran into James Branson who introduced me to Of Rags. Check out the hoodie above you know you wants in. Below is more info on the fair-trade company. Fashion for a cause…me likey!

Two young designers, RAAM, a Ghanaian, and J. Branson, an American,
founded Of Rags in 2009 with the idea of making clothing that makes a difference.

Not only is each item from Of Rags a unique work of art handmade in fair trade conditions; in addition, 40% of the profits benefit The Of Rags Foundation, a non-profit organization and tool for the sustainable development of public health and education initiatives.
The Foundation is currently partnered with a school for children with special educational needs in Accra, Ghana in order to establish a much needed scholarship program.

Of Rags is the product of globalization.
Of Rags aims to globalize the localized. Of Rags’ clothing is art.
Of Rags’ mission is hope. But most of all, Of Rags is what you make of it.


Asos x Barbie

March 17, 2010

I’m usually adverse to online shopping, as a girl who needs to feel fabric on my skin, and take glance in the mirror a hundred times, in a million different poses. However, on this on might change my mind. Asos has created The Barbie Lounge, featuring our favorite doll in several versions of the little black dress. Wait it gets better! Not only can you buy the dolls, but you can buy lifesize cuts for yourself, and these dresses are superfly. Now everyone can be a Barbie girl.

While your at it check out Asos Africa.


February 2, 2010

Photos by Ray Kairos

Today, February 2nd, 2010, marks the release of Kingdom’sMindreader” on Fool’s Gold Records. Dance blogs will be abuzz with word on the Brooklyn based producer. If you’re paying attention though, you will questions the origins of the big bad voice carrying the track.

That voice belongs to none other than Harlem-based singer/songwriter Shyvonne. A workhorse with a kung-fu grip on the balls of her destiny, Ms. Shyvonne is on an indomitable quest to capture some space on your iPod.

I caught up with Shyvonne, to hear more from the singer. Afterall, would you have enjoyed the track as just an instrumental? Didn’t think so.


SECTA x F.L.O.H. x CutDrop

January 20, 2010

Depending on how long we’ve been acquainted, you may know that one of my self-appointed jobs is trying to save the world. On my road to accomplishing this magnanimous task, I have run into various people who’s efforts to do the same, continue to inspire me. One of these people is founder of For The Love of Humanity, Juliette Joseph.

In her latest efforts to make a contribution to Haiti’s crisis, Ms. Joseph has teamed up with fashion house, Secta, to provide relief to Haiti. Secta has drastically reduced prices on their collection sold on, and will be giving 5% of proceeds to FLOH’s cause=Haiti, which will then match. Make sense?

So that’s buy anything Secta on the Cut Drop site and 5% goes to FLOH, which will give all of it Haiti. Capiche? Never was there a better reason to shop than this one.

Imekura by 2 Green Girls

January 18, 2010


A trip to Miami a few years ago led to my discovery of Imekura by 2 Green Girls, a t-shirt line from Nigerian sisters Cee and Ere Green. I copped a couple of shirts, and still wear them til this day. Today the girls launched their new collection: 3rd World Beautiful. Inspired by all things third world, the shirts serve as on ode to developing nations, featuring sayings grafittied on all over Lagos walls. The girls were kind enough to share shots from the shoot with me. Enjoy.


And for the boys too!

Bordelle Lingerie

January 5, 2010

In our day not enough attention is paid to what’s under the clothes, and no Frederick’s of Hollywood isn’t proper underwear. I just stumbled across Bordelle, a British collection, and I’m really digging the femme fatale thing they have going. Now, I’m not implying that we should blow cash on undies, but there’s nothing wrong with getting creative, and although these look like a contraption, the bandage concept probably lifts and tucks better and more comfortably than underwire. I believe that underwear is as much an accessory as a purse. It feels good looking good, once the top layers strewn to the side, don’t you think?

Chichia London

December 31, 2009

For cocktail wear in 2010, I’m staying in All-Ankara-everything. ChiChia London has inspired me to dig deeper on my use of Ankara/Batik/Khanga material for classic daytime and evening wear. Created by Dar Es Salaam born Christine Mhando, her pieces are demure, pairing a great selection of bold patterns with clean shapes. Love the bathing suits too, que cute!

Check out her interview with Fashion Africa.

My Very First Mixtape…

December 30, 2009

Have you ever noticed that some of your best memories are always accompanies by a certain song, serving as the soundtrack for whatever you were feeling in that instance. Maybe that’s just me, but here is my soundtrack for my year. These are the songs that made me look up and pay attention. Don’t expect anything, its all over the place, and as random as I am. What’s playing on your soundtrack?

Download it here.
Shouts to Shyvonne for allowing me to share a new secret track.

VV Brown

December 29, 2009

When I caught my first glimpse of VV Brown, I thought her style was cool, but redundant…sorry kids but you wouldn’t be the first to do the whole 50s guys & dolls thing. Anyways, I heard “Crying Blood,” and I still found it easy to ignore VV’s steelo, writing her off as a watered down black Amy Winehouse/Duffy hybrid. However, with “Game Over,” Ms. Brown has finally captured my attention. Holding tight to her integrity with her signature pin-up girl bang, VV has graduated past the one string guitar (not kidding) sound of her first single. Not only is the production more refined, it looks like the Brit starlet dipped a tentative toe in a some couture, heightening the already buzzing hype surrounding Ms. Brown. Lesson learned? Judge not a book by its cover.

VV gives me more of a reason to like her with the recent launch of her online vintage boutique VV Vintage (Featured jumpsuit pictured right.) Can’t help but admire her business sense.

Hustle, hustle, hustle, a recession is no climate for a siesta. xo

The Yeah Yeah Yeahs

December 28, 2009

I was on the treadmill a few weeks ago, doing my usual walk/ run, panting, finger poised above the reduce speed button. Then there it was an electronic sound that caught my ear, propelling my endurance and adrenaline past my norm. I look up a woman with bangs, bearing bubbles sleeves shouts “Off Off Off with their heads.” Surely, Karen O had finally caught my attention.

How late am I? Very. Yes, I haven’t been up on the Yeah Yeah Yeahs music since they debuted back in the day. I only admired Karen O’s sense of style from afar never really giving their music a chance, but how much does that really matter?

I finally got my hands on It’s Blitz (2009), for my first YYYs listening experience, and its inching its way to my top finds of 2009. Ms O’s chameleon like voice switching from dreamy to urgent with the changing mood of each track. Transcending all comparisons, you have to hear it for yourself. Thank me later.