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Nikki Jean

August 25, 2010

If you remember Lupe’s “Hip Hop Saved My Life” then you undoubtedly remember the voice singing the hook. Nikki Jean breathy vocals caught my attention, and I was fortunate to hear more just last week at the Delancey. I believe her album drops in the fall, so check out the video above, and support her cause. She just seems too nice not to succeed. Enjoy!


Zoe Kravitz+Elevator Fight

July 20, 2010

Last night my plan was go to Williamsburg Hall of Music, then go to bed early. Unfortunately the not-so-nice owners of space had different plans. The show put on by super star promotions group Timeless NYC had to be relocated, and for the better. We found ourselves in the intimate confines of a Tribeca gallery, hypnotized by the magnetic confidence of Zoe Kravitz. Above she covers the late and great Rick James smash “Super Freak”. She gets it from her Daddy!

Asos x Barbie

March 17, 2010

I’m usually adverse to online shopping, as a girl who needs to feel fabric on my skin, and take glance in the mirror a hundred times, in a million different poses. However, on this on might change my mind. Asos has created The Barbie Lounge, featuring our favorite doll in several versions of the little black dress. Wait it gets better! Not only can you buy the dolls, but you can buy lifesize cuts for yourself, and these dresses are superfly. Now everyone can be a Barbie girl.

While your at it check out Asos Africa.

Just In Case

March 1, 2010

Today I stumbled across a post about the perception of women handling the condom situation, by bringing their own supply. This eventually led to my discovery of Just In Case, a company that makes these super cute compacts, for chicks to store their stash inconspicuously. The compacts come blinged out (above), in black, pastels, reds, or metallics.

I’m all for women protecting their health, and not relying on the dude to do it for them. However, some people think a woman who comes prepared is what we call a “working girl”. Really curious to hear your thoughts…leave one!

*Update: Just In Case founders would like to offer a discount to you guys. Just type in code LOVEWELL at check out.

VV Brown @ Hiro NYC

February 25, 2010

Last week I got to catch VV Brown Performing at Hiro hosted by Giant Step. I don’t have much to say about the event honestly, so I decided to let a video do the talking. Above is Ms. Brown doing her rendition of Drizzy Drake’s “Best I Ever Had.” Excuse the first few seconds I had to find a good angle :)


February 19, 2010

Lemonade– Lifted

This video makes me feel like I want to feel on any given friday. Wanted to share that feeling with you.

From Jump by Shauna Barbosa

February 7, 2010

For some time now I’ve been aware of the the blog Let’s Just Eat Cheese brought to us by Ms. Shauna Barbosa. I’ve skimmed the blog here and there, my ADD preventing me from sticking to the same tab on my browser. Last week however, a twitter post guided me back to the blog. Before my ADD kicked in I noticed a downloadable compilation of short stories from Ms. Barbosa, which I decided to print out for a late night read.

It suffices to say, that the compilation was devoured within the hour of the first page flip. With bare emotion, and introspection Ms. Barbosa captures the essence of moments, generating the sensation of being present in the very space they unfold.

Through the medium of From Jump, we experience the thrill of a late night rendezvous, the insecurities accompanying unrequited love, and the calm of solitude.

Download From Jump here.

Nneka on Letterman

February 4, 2010

Its been a big week for Nneka. From the US release of Concrete Jungle to a performance on Letterman. Straight up to the top. So proud of her!


February 2, 2010

Photos by Ray Kairos

Today, February 2nd, 2010, marks the release of Kingdom’sMindreader” on Fool’s Gold Records. Dance blogs will be abuzz with word on the Brooklyn based producer. If you’re paying attention though, you will questions the origins of the big bad voice carrying the track.

That voice belongs to none other than Harlem-based singer/songwriter Shyvonne. A workhorse with a kung-fu grip on the balls of her destiny, Ms. Shyvonne is on an indomitable quest to capture some space on your iPod.

I caught up with Shyvonne, to hear more from the singer. Afterall, would you have enjoyed the track as just an instrumental? Didn’t think so.


Ms. Dynamite

January 29, 2010

Maybe I just haven’t been paying attention, but the last time I received word of Ms. Dynamite, was when she lightly grazed the U.S. market in ’02/’03. The other day I stumbled across this simple yet catchy tune, with no idea of who the voice behind it was, and thought to myself, “This makes me feel like dancing!!” Then lo and behold, today I discover not only a video, but that “Wile Out” is from non other than Ms. Dynamite, one of the pioneers of the U.K’s female rap/grime scene. So I would like to say: Hey Ms. Dynamite, maybe you never stopped doing your thing, but welcome back to my universe, love the outfit!