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Just In Case

March 1, 2010

Today I stumbled across a post about the perception of women handling the condom situation, by bringing their own supply. This eventually led to my discovery of Just In Case, a company that makes these super cute compacts, for chicks to store their stash inconspicuously. The compacts come blinged out (above), in black, pastels, reds, or metallics.

I’m all for women protecting their health, and not relying on the dude to do it for them. However, some people think a woman who comes prepared is what we call a “working girl”. Really curious to hear your thoughts…leave one!

*Update: Just In Case founders would like to offer a discount to you guys. Just type in code LOVEWELL at check out.


The New World of Publishing

January 6, 2010

Since the internet boom pissed all over the world of print, the publishing world has been pulling its hair out trying to figure out a solution for getting back those advertising dollars. A possible answer some are speculating over is an interactive magazine experience. Gone would be the days of paper, welcoming in an age of downloadable interactive publications. Above is a demo for what the new magazine format for Sports Illustrated would look like. In essence this sound pretty cool, but what happens to those who collect magazines, or like to cut out images. In an effort to slow the extinction of the magazine dinosaur, would publications lose what’s left of its dwindling readership?

Google Nexus One Revealed

January 5, 2010

And it looks sooo pretty. Can’t wait! Smart phone users dyyying to hear your thoughts? Is this in fact the Iphone killer? See more.

Here’s a comparison chart for the smart phones.

50 Things that Changed Our Lives this Decade

December 23, 2009

Since we’re getting terribly close to the end of the decade, everyone is coming out with the decade lists. The New York Times released a list of “50 Things That Changed Our Lives in the Aughts,” which are all pretty accurate, depending on how you live, lol. Here are my top five things that changed my life.

1. Compressed album downloads: Gone are the days of Bearshare, and Kazaa making my computer go apeshit. With sites like Zshare, and Megaupload, I’m swimming in new soft music. So long CDs, and viruses, hello I am…Sasha Fierce a week in advance.

2. Mac going mainstream: From high school, I was reared on a Mac although I came home to a PC. Then through college I insisted on using the Mac section during late night computer lab sessions, then everywhere I interned was strictly mac. In 2005/2006 with the release of the affordable version of Macbook, I took the plunge and purchased one, never looking back. Thank you Apple.

3. Blogs: What can I say I’m a serial blogger, and they serve as an effective distraction. New fave blogs: NYT’s Bitten, White African, Jezebel and Nosalikes:) haha.

4.Facebook: I’ve found sooooo many people I thought I would never see, or hear from again in my life. Some are a pleasure to reconnect with, others could have stayed in the crypt, but its nice to have the option.

5. H&M: Affordable threads with an edge. I could only shop here, and be ok with it.

What changed your life this decade?