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SECTA x F.L.O.H. x CutDrop

January 20, 2010

Depending on how long we’ve been acquainted, you may know that one of my self-appointed jobs is trying to save the world. On my road to accomplishing this magnanimous task, I have run into various people who’s efforts to do the same, continue to inspire me. One of these people is founder of For The Love of Humanity, Juliette Joseph.

In her latest efforts to make a contribution to Haiti’s crisis, Ms. Joseph has teamed up with fashion house, Secta, to provide relief to Haiti. Secta has drastically reduced prices on their collection sold on, and will be giving 5% of proceeds to FLOH’s cause=Haiti, which will then match. Make sense?

So that’s buy anything Secta on the Cut Drop site and 5% goes to FLOH, which will give all of it Haiti. Capiche? Never was there a better reason to shop than this one.